Rent HVAC for Temporary Structures Company

There are businesses that operate in temporary structures especially when it comes to research and operations in various locations. In this type of business, you need a partner who can support your operations by giving you adequate resources to enable you to complete a project or task in the most comfortable le way. That is where Ice Fox Rental comes in. We are a company that is fully fledged to offer rental services on your temporary structures located in any area across the USA.

We support your mobile structures with a wide range of portable equipment, from air conditioners, air filters, electric heaters, fans, water chillers, air handlers, blowers, air scrubbers and even generators. Our highly skilled workforce is able to advice you on the best equipment to rent, depending on the size of your company and the degree of operation you are undertaking in your temporary structures.

We have different lease plans that can easily suite your requirements and with a great customer support, you are assured of getting quality service at a very affordable rate. Let us help you run your business wherever you want to take it.