Semi Truck for Rent

Our company is a market leader when it comes to delivery of temporary semi-trucks for Rent that can be used to transport your food products from one location to another. Our mobile semi-trucks are the best quality assembled trucks, to guarantee that the condition of your food products are transported in the right way all through. Our portable refrigeration solution in these trucks allow us to store your food in controlled temperatures to preserve perishable delicate items anytime you are on transit.

We take it upon ourselves to help you rent the most convenient semi-truck rental for your usage. Our able team will work with you to understand your optimal storage needs, travel routes and even the kinds of items you will be storing in order to provide you with the right semi-truck. We believe in delivering the best services tour clients and with our advanced semi-trucks, we deliver the top of the line industry standard trucks to help you keep your business running wherever you go. Contact our staff and we will lease to you solutions that solve your refrigeration needs.

Icefox Rental semi truck