HVAC for Moisture Control Contractors

Moisture control contractors need a comprehensive team backed up with proper equipment in order to tackle any kind of moisture damage in any company. It is important to have top of the line equipment in order to offer quality services to your clients. Our company has a wide range of mobile equipment that can be rented out to the moisture control companies for a small fee in order to equip them to solve moisture imbalance in both commercial and residential units.

Some of the temporary rental equipment we rent out include:

  • Fans for Rent
  • Dehumidifiers Rental
  • Air conditioners for Rent
  • Blowers Rental
  • Air handlers for Rent
  • Electric heaters Rental
  • Air movers Rental
  • Air scrubbers Rental

Our team comprises of skilled personnel who are experienced in different capacities. Having that in mind, we work with your company to help you get proper portable equipment in case a project you are having is too big and you do not have adequate resources to handle it. We lease our equipment to you at affordable prices.

We have a great customer care service who respond to your requests at a very fast rate. Our logistics team finally ensure that you receive the equipment in the shortest time possible anywhere across the USA.