Mini trailers for Rent

If you need to take your business on the road or you looking at expanding your inventory or you want to have the backup refrigerator, call us the experts of temporary refrigeration mini truck for Rent systems and we will solve these problems for you. Our mobile mini trailers have built a reputation for reliability and great performance to the customers we serve. We have now become a market leader in providing quality mini trailers for rent that last a long time. Our portable mini trailers are built to be rust and dent resistant, built to take any outdoor challenge.

We work with you to identify and customize a mini trailer for Rent to suit your needs from the onset. This makes us the best company to work with as we tailor make the refrigeration option of your choice. We offer long term mini trailer rentals for our customers, to help them prepare for any circumstance that may present itself.

Our highly skilled team is able to work with you in order to have the right trailer fitted with the right equipment for you. The mini trailers are easy to use, simple to setup and commission and best of all, they are highly mobile as you can attach them to your vehicle and move around with it to your destination of choice during the lease period.