HVAC for Industrial jargon

There are various terms that are exclusive to the industry of HVAC equipment. Below is a list of common words in the industry with their meaning.

Air handler – This is an indoor portion of the air conditioner that is used to move heated or cool air in the duct system in your facility. It is normally metallic in casing.

Central air conditioning – It is a way in which air is cooled and distributed to rooms from a central location by the use of ducts and fans.

Ductwork – these are synthetic or metallic tubes that move air from one section to another throughout the office premises. Installing them in a proper clean way is an important factor in setting up climatic conditioning systems.

Heat pump – It is a unit of HVAC that is used to remove heat from outside environments to the inside of the house during cold seasons. During summer, it reverses the process.

Humidifier – This device is used to add moisture to the air in the facility. It is used to maintain conducive humidity levels at all times.

HVAC – Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning.

Thermostat - This device is used in the monitoring of indoor temperature and depending on the atmospheric conditions, it adjusts the conditions of the room to the proper levels.

Air conditioner – – It is an appliance that is used to remove heat from a particular area.