Indirect Fired Temporary Heaters Rental

An indirect-fired temporary heater uses a heat exchanger to keep the heat being produced from your facility clean and dry as possible, by keeping exhaust fumes away from the airflow system. The mobile heater can also have ductwork to allow clean heat distribution to specific areas. The portable Indirect-Fired heater is normally placed outside the location where heat is being managed. Our company has the right expertise and experience in installing the unit in the right location for your premises.

We have the best indirect-fired equipment on the market, offering you not only the best product but the right expertise when installing it. Our team of specialists work with you to identify your needs and advise you on how to setup the unit to achieve the best results. We offer rental units for any of your company needs, it might be a remote site location for your office, an outside catering event or a new office setup in a prime location and we are ready to help you ensure clean air in your facility throughout the lease period.

Indirect-fired temporary heaters come in different shapes and sizes for different needs, when you contact our customer care service, we will help you get the right equipment for your company on rent.