HVAC Rental Ice Arenas

The ice arena is one of the most climatic sensitive facilities in the world, to ensure that you create and maintain the best conditions throughout the year, you need a partner who can provide the best and most advanced climate conditioning equipment at an affordable price. Our company brings this to the table in the easiest way possible.

Some of the temporary rental equipment we provide for ice arenas include

  • Air conditioners Rental
  • portable air circulators for Rent
  • Mobile air scrubbers Rental
  • Electric heaters Rental
  • Negative air machines for Rent
  • Air handlers Rental
  • And so much more

Our team works around the clock with you to ensure that your arena stays consistent and operational with the best equipment on the market during the lease period. Our team of experts work with you to ensure that we rent the right equipment for your premises within the shortest time possible.