HVAC for Food service industry

The food industry is a busy environment whose main priority is to provide quality food through a great service. To achieve this, food needs to be well stored, the kitchen and the serving areas need to be well maintained to provide an ambience of comfort to clients who are coming to your establishment for a meal. To enable the food industry to grow and serve its clients better, you need a partner who can help you grow and boost your business when you need help.

Our company has the best temporary rental solutions to help you scale and take care of your business even when you cannot handle a large crowd coming to your premises. We rent out the best mobile refrigerator containers that are equipped with the best kitchen appliances to supplement your kitchen. We have portable mini trailers and mini trucks that can help you extend your kitchen functions in case you are renovating your primary kitchen. Apart from that, we also offer dehumidifiers, water chillers, electric heaters, negative air machines, air circulators, air scrubbers, blowers, fans and generators.

We take pride in ensuring that your facility is clean and safe from fumes and dirt, providing your food with the best storage facilities and making sure that your guests enjoy quality food in a clean and safe environment in the period of lease.