HVAC Rental for Emergency water removal

Mother Nature is not kind at times, and when floods hit, you need a partner who can help you through the rough times. It is easy for your business to undergo a very hard time when recovering, but with proper planning, you can set yourself up for a good recovery. Our company has the best in class mobile rental equipment to help in getting rid of the water that has flooded your facility. We have an emergency unit that works well with water removal contractors to enable them to tackle the water damage that has occurred.

Our temporary equipment available for rent range from portable dehumidifiers, blowers, electric heaters and air conditioners to name a few. We help your facility in ensuring that no moisture builds up in your machines or any office room. Our experienced staff always plan before the work start on how the area that has been flooded is to be effectively drained within a short duration of time.

Our rental service unit ensures that during this tough time, you spend a little because your company may have undergone losses through the flood. Our sales team ensures that we have understood your needs well in advance and the logistics team work to ensure that the best equipment is deployed for lease in the shortest time possible.