Cruise ship HVAC Rental

Cruise ships offer a luxurious way of traveling and most people who venture into this mode of transport or holiday experience always expect the best of service throughout. This ranges from the safety of the ship to the food being served during meal times. Cruise ships are built to provide comfort, but when emergency cases, special requests or maintenance sessions come to play, the cruise ship owners require to deliver on their services without fail. That is where Ice Fox Rental comes in handy.

We provide mobile rental equipment to enable the cruise ship HVAC Rental maintain the right ambience and experience in the rooms and amenities that are on board. Some of the temporary equipment we offer include portable electric heaters, air conditioners, air scrubbers, air movers, generators, water chillers, refrigerator containers and even blowers.

Our team of engineers work with your staff to customize our products in order to provide solutions for rent to your cruise ship. This is to create better services that uniquely solve your problems. Our customer care service are a friendly team who will take your requests and ensure that we deliver the right solution to your cruise ship in record time. We also provide support service during the lease period.