Climate System for Rent

Our company is in the forefront when it comes to the delivery of top-of-the-line mobile climatic control systems for Rent for business environments and home use. We rent out our equipment to businesses in order to increase the productivity of employees throughout the year. Our temporary HVAC equipment is developed and maintained by experts who are certified to manage these systems. We have the best workforce to help you achieve the perfect environment for your business.

We are specialists in the delivery of heating, cooling and storage appliances. We have managed to create a business process that ensures that your requirements are catered for and the right equipment is delivered to your premises within the shortest time possible.

Our portable rental equipment helps you to increase the productivity of your workforce, cool the internal atmosphere when the sun is hot. Our equipment also heats up your office when the temperatures on the outside environment are extremely cold.

We lease all our equipment at an affordable rate, ensuring that you get the most advanced climatic control equipment at an affordable price. Some of the equipment we rent out include dehumidifiers, air conditioners, air scrubbers, air circulators, blowers, fans, electric heater and generators to name a few.