Mobile Air Scrubbers for Rent

Our company is an expert when it comes to air cleaning in any environment that you work in. Our large team of experts and quality equipment are geared to helping businesses counter hazardous business activities that pollute the air sets us apart from other market players. One of our widely uses equipment is the temporary air scrubber which we rent out to industrial, construction and even commercial businesses to help them clean the air around the premises in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Our portable air scrubbers are used to filter dust, fumes, odors and chemical vapor that pollute the air by providing negative air control to control the spreading of air impurities that contaminate the air. Our mobile air scrubbers are ETL approved and use electrical power systems. They are easy to setup and use during the rental period. They are also flexible equipment that can serve a wide range of applications in your premises. Our team of specialists engage with you to understand the pollutants in your environment then advice on the best type of air scrubber that can help in containing the pollutants from affecting your employees or neighboring communities around you. We also provide support services to ensure the products are in good condition throughout the period of lease.