Mobile Air circulators for Rent

Icefox Rental air circulators  for Rent

Construction is a progressive activity in each field of business, companies build offices, government build bridges and roads while small businesses refurbish their establishments and build new offices to help them grow as demand for their services increase. During the construction phase, temporary air circulators are used to reduce the drying process over damp places like walls, acting like a big sponge. The mobile rental air circulators normally work alongside a portable dehumidifier in order to suck the liquid into the dehumidifier.

Our company is a market leader in leasing air circulators to contractors and business individuals who seek to shorten the building phases. We help you reduce the cost of heating that is extreme when you are living in a home with residual dampness. Our company staff work with your building contractors to understand the scope of your building process and we advise the best air circulators that can be used during the building process. It is in our interest to rent out quality products for efficient services at a relatively low cost. Our logistics team always ensure that the right air circulators are deployed to your site within the shortest time possible since our efficiency and quality of service, enables you to complete your projects in good conditions.